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In His Steps – Being a Disciple, Making Disciples

Luke 6:12-16

Jesus has begun his ministry and as we walk in his steps he shows us the wisdom of God in growing as a follower of him and also in how we are called to live.  After a night full of prayer Jesus chooses 12 specific disciples from his many followers to invest his life in. This is a life investment that is intentional, regular, personal, accountable, costly, and focused on Jesus.  Every believer should  be discipled, having a mature believer help them grow in Christ.  And every believer has been commanded to make disciples. This means not only to point everyone they meet towards Jesus, but to invest their lives in specific people God leads into their paths.

In His Steps – Face to Face with Jesus

Luke 5:1-32

Just after Jesus’ temptation he begins to share about the good news of God across Israel.  As we walk in his steps through Luke 5 we see the people who had face to face encounters with Jesus, and how their lives were never the same again.

In His Steps – The Great Temptation

Luke 4:1-13

In this sermon series we walk through Luke’s account of the life of Jesus.  We will walk in Jesus’ steps to understand who he was, who we are, and who he calls us to be.

Every one of us face temptation.  To be tempted is to be human. We look at the story of Jesus’ temptation and find that his temptations are just the same as ours.  And Jesus helps us walk in his steps to go through temptation but not to sin!