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In His Steps – What the Lord has Done For Me

Luke 8:26-39


We don’t have to look far around us to see the symptoms of sin tearing apart the lives of people all around us, or our very own.  Amazingly, we sometimes get used to life as it is, even if it’s not what we want, and resist the healing God is offering!


The story of the Geresene demoniac carries us in Jesus’ steps towards understanding what God offers, and what we most deeply need.

In His Steps – Approaching Jesus

Luke 7:36-50

Jesus had dinner with Simon, the Pharisee when all of a sudden the town ‘bad girl’ shows up weeping, wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair, kissing his feet.  Simon is appalled that Jesus would let a sinner near him, doubting if he truly is a prophet.  Jesus counters not only by showing that all come before God in need of mercy, but while the woman loved Jesus much and has been forgiven, Simon loved Jesus little. Simon came to Jesus feeling adequate himself, yet the woman recognized not only was she inadequate, but also that she was being offered forgiveness.  Hers was a response of love.

In His Steps – God’s Way of Thinking

Luke 6:17-49

Jesus followers were people who recognized they had need.  They were sick, demon possessed, tax collectors, confused.  Jesus sat down with his disciples and began to explain God’s way of thinking, God’s kingdom.  Here those in need were blessed because God would provide for them.  Because of this they no longer had to live by loving friend and hating enemies, but rather loving their enemies.  They didn’t need to point fingers, but let God evaluate their lives.  Their lives would eventually show a good fruit!