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Lent: In His Steps – Worry, Security, and Generosity

Luke 12:1-34


Perhaps the greatest human desire is for security.   This desire for security is often found in relationships, and possessions.  And when this security is threatened, people are often driven by worry.  On the road to Jerusalem, Jesus confronts these issues with the good news that God will take care of us!  We are not forgotten and we don’t need to worry!  But he also shows that true trust in God means letting go of some of the most important things in our lives.


Lent: In His Steps – Counting the Cost

Luke 9:51-62


In Luke 9:51 Jesus begins an intentional journey to Jerusalem, and ultimately to his death.  He did so intentionally knowing that this was the path life must take.  It was the path that led to death, yes, but ultimately resurrection and salvation for all mankind!   For those of us who want to walk in his footsteps Jesus challenges us to first count the cost.  It will cost our possessions, comfort, allegiance, energy, and time.  Will we give up everything to walk in his steps?

Tsunami Memorial Service

With the earthquake and tsunami which have ravaged the northern Japan mainland we pause to stop and reflect on this unthinkable tragedy.  We pray for those whose lives have been torn apart. We reflect on our own fragility of life. We look to God’s word for peace, hope, understanding.  Finally, we look for how in Christ we are called to respond.