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The Story of God: Delivered

Exodus 1-12

For the Hebrews life happens again, they find themselves enslaved, trapped, and hurting.  God hears and acts, but he does not act alone.  He chooses one who will trust him, and through him God breaks the backs of the spiritual, political, and economic powers that stand against him.  And God does this for those who cry to him, even today.

The Story of God: Faithfulness

Genesis 37-46

God is the driving force in his story, though many times he works quietly in the background.  In the story of Joseph we see how dysfunction and life happen, yet how God uses even these for good in the life of his followers and through them for the whole world.

The Story of God: Called

Genesis 12:1-13:3

After Noah God began a new direction in trying to redeem his prized creation.  He called one man, and promised from this man he would create a people, and from this people he would bless and work throughout all the people of the earth.  God called Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  They had to make a difficult choice of trusting and obeying. And we see what happens when people take God at his word.

The Story of God: New Beginnings

Genesis 8:20-22, 9:1-17

We’ve heard and seen that God is a God of creativity, relationship, commitment, and justice and that humans are doubting and lost.  This spiral from the garden of Eden goes until God decides to start over with a great flood.  Yet God remembers the righteous, and amazingly God makes a promise to never give up on mankind again.

The Story of God: Rebellion

Genesis 3

God created humans in his image, an image of relationship, and true relationships requires choice.  But humans chose to seek good and evil for themselves and to distrust the God who gave them everything.  Here lies the break, the entrance of sin and brokenness into our world. Yet this choice is one that we have to make every day.