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Story of God: Waiting…Training

Deuteronomy 1-2

After miraculously being delivered from Egypt, God took this people, his new nation into the wilderness to teach and form them.  Their eyes were on God’s promised goal, the promised land, but first God had to change who they were.  We look also at what it means to wait, to be disciplined, and shaped by God as we are a part of his mission to redeem all creation to himself!

VBS 2011 – God of the Mission

Acts 27:13-44

The theme of our Vacation Bible School this past week has been, Mission to M.A.R.S (Meet a Risen Savior).  In it we have looked at the stories of the transformation of Paul and God’s using him to travel boldly to the farthest parts of the Roman Empire (for us it has been the farthest planets of the Intergalactic Roman Empire).  Today we listen to another of his stories, how in the midst of a tremendous storm, God not only gave Paul peace in the midst of despair, but also used him to bring peace to others.  This is a reminder for us that God not only helps us to survive storms, but as we trust in him, we find that he brings about hope and salvation precisely in the midst of those circumstances which threaten to tear our lives apart.

The Story of God: Way to Live

Exodus 20:1-17

God created humans, and after they broke the relationship through Adam and Eve, He has continued to pursue them to restore this relationship.  In Moses he showed that he is greater than the powers which oppose him, and that his character can be trusted.  Now he takes them into the wilderness to show them (and us) a new way to live, to learn how to be faithful to the God who has been faithful to them, to learn how to love the Lord their God, and how to love others.