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The Story of God: God in the Shadows


The book of Ruth is an fascinating and wonderful story, one of hurt and loss and hope and restoration.  Yet it is strange that God does not speak according to the text directly act in this whole story.  Many times our lives may seem the same way.  We love God we want to serve him, but it does not seem as if he’s ‘doing’ anything.  The book of Ruth not only shows God’s great grace and faithfulness in the confusing and messy parts of life, but also how he weaves stories of people like you and I, as we trust in him, into his amazing story.

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The Story of God: Right in Their Own Eyes


God has heard the cry of the Hebrews in Egypt and saved them with a powerful hand.  He gave them the way he created them to live, he put up with their distrust and whining, and when they finally learned to take him at his word he went before them and gave them the promised land, a home!  In Judges, though, we find that Israel compromised again, not driving out all the people of the land like he asked.  And just as he had warned the gods these people served became a distraction and snare for Israel.  They began a cycle of forsaking God, suffering the consequences, and crying out for deliverance, yet never truly changing.  We look at how we also easily fall into the same cycle and let this story be a sober warning of life lived apart from God, and an encouraging reminder of the great grace and love of God for us!

Sendai Missions Trip Testimonies

Keystone Nazarene Church took a group of four to the tsunami-stricken areas of Sendai and the Tohoku region.  Here are the stories of the participants about their experience and how God changed them during these days.

The Story of God: A Home



We look today at what it means to be ‘home’ with God through Israel’s taking of the promised land.