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The Story of God: Solomon- The Meaning of it All

1 Kings 3-11, Ecclesiastes


Solomon had it all.  He was from a good family, he loved the Lord, he was smartest man on earth, he was rich, he was powerful, he was successful.  God blessed him, but then Solomon began to drift.  He began to let the gifts get in the way of his relationship with the Giver.  Then he begins to lose perspective and finds himself disconnected from God and alone.  He thinks through his life, and all that money, sex, and power has given him, and he, tells us the meaning of it all.

The Story of God: After God’s Heart Pt. 2

1 Samuel 18 – 2 Samuel 11 ; Psalms 51, 57

In the character of David we get a large view of a person’s life with all of its strengths and weaknesses, and we find that David is very human just like you and I.  However, David was known as a man after God’s own heart.  How?

Today we look at how David interacted and responded to God when he was in difficult times, being hunted by King Saul.  After he is given the throne, victory over his enemies, and peace we see how David interacts with God in success.  Finally in the story with Bathsheba we see how David interacts with God in moral failure.

In the picture of God’s interaction and David and David’s with God, we can see God also calling to us to be men and women after his heart.

Trunk or Treat

If you would like to help with dinner or to decorate your trunk, leave us a message below.

Candy donations are needed.  Drop them off at the church.

Please, no scary costumes (dressing like Pastor Brian), or costumes to do with the occult (witches, etc.).

See you there!

The Story of God: Like Other Nations

1 Samuel 8

Life is full of choices and they aren’t always easy ones.  Yet these choices are based fundamentally on our trust either in God and his promises or on ourselves.  Through the scripture of Israel asking for a king, we look at the choices we make, the impact of these choices, and God’s direction and response with us through it all.

Forest Adventure

If you plan on attending give the names and ages below of those who will attend.  Men and youth, 6th grade to 12th grade only.