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Ashes to Fire: Believing is Seeing!

John 20:19-31

In this second week of Easter we find in scripture that the truth sometimes slowly sinks in.  While Mary tells the disciples of her encounter with Jesus we find them still locked in a house, frightened and forlorn.  And we too often are like they. Hearing that Jesus holds the keys to all power, but living without confidence, joy, and courage in a world of media, science, and politics that is hostile.  But Jesus comes in the midst of their fears and doubt, denying by his very presence that which they most feared, proving conclusively that he truly is Lord and God.  And he invites you also to believe!

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Ashes to Fire: Easter – He Saw and Believed

John 20:1-18

That lonely morning when a heart-broken Mary Magdalene walked to the tomb she had no idea what lay in store for her.  It was empty.  But while she and Peter saw only the remains of a theft, John saw and believed, without fully understanding all the details, that Jesus was not dead, he was alive!  Later, while Mary stayed to mourn, Jesus came and spoke to her, but she didn’t see him, only her greif… until he called her by name.

He is alive!  There is no sin so great, so evil so dark, no end so final that Jesus has not overcome it.  He is alive and all human history has a new chance to live!  Do you believe?

Ashes to Fire: The Lord Needs It

Mark 1:1-11

You could feel the excitement!  It was contagious with people shouting, singing, clambering over one another, waving palm branches.  Jesus was riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, fulfilling the prophecy of the prophet Zechariah.  Finally God would give Israel the freedom they had desperately longed for… But they didn’t understand their true problem, they did not understand Jesus was coming to deal with evil, but an evil which lived even inside of them.  They didn’t understand… do we?