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Ashes to Fire: A Holy Church

John 17:6-19

Have you ever sat by the bed of a loved one as they neared death?  The words spoken during times like this are burned into people’s memories.  It is usually a summary of their deepest hopes, dreams, instructions for the ones they love.  In John 17 Jesus prays for his followers.  This is a prayer of commitment for God, a prayer meant for us to have overheard.  This was a prayer that God would protect them in a world that was hostile, that the joy Jesus had would be with them, that they would be transformed (sanctified) by God’s continued presence and word, and that they would carry on the mission Jesus began. His prayer echoes through time assuring every generation of the love of God for his people, and his care and guiding for us as we trust in him!

Ashes to Fire: You are My Friends

John 15:9-17

Built into the DNA of human personalities and the human spirit is a desire for love, for joy, for true friendship, for purpose, to be chosen, and to love one another.  This is why people wear the clothes they do, or spend their money the way they do.  This guides what jobs people seek.  In short, it is the center of much of our lives. But these things are seem to come and go in life, elusive and difficult to maintain. Today we read the good news of Jesus for us.  Jesus loves us, and offers the infinite joy of God to us!  As we join him on his mission to love others, to overcome evil with good we find not only did he first find and choose us to join him, but he calls us his friend.  In Jesus the deepest of human needs are met, because he was the one who created us.  What incredible good news!

Game Night

Come with your family this Friday (5/18) for fun food and games at Keystone Nazarene!  Bring your favorite board games and finger foods to share.  See you there!
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Ashes to Fire: I Am the Vine

John 15:1-8

There is something sacred about things that grow.  Whether you see fields of grain or rice that stretch to the horizon, or a garden erupting with blossoms and life there is the breath of a life-giving God.  Jesus often used God’s creation as a way to understand that we too were created to grow in him and that growth has certain rules.  Today we look at what it means to be fruitful, to stay connected, and to be pruned.

Ashes to Fire: Washing Feet

John 13:1-5

It was a shock to the disciples. Their lord and master was bowing down as if he was the servant of a home that people didn’t even think about.  It was shocking and disgraceful!  Leaders didn’t do this.  Leaders are served, but here is Jesus preparing to wash their feet.  But Jesus knew exactly what he was doing and he set the example for all who would follow in his footsteps.

Ashes to Fire: Touch Me and See!

Luke 24:36-48

It’s easy when the brokenness of our world keeps battering our lives, like the never-ending waves on the ocean, to come to expect that this is just how life is and will be.  This is how the disciples felt until members of their group began to exclaim that Jesus has appeared to them.  It was good news, but… could it really be true?  Maybe it was just wishful thinking.  We’d love if broken things could be healed, but it’s just not possible.  But then Jesus comes to them and says, “Touch me and See!”  He is alive!  He has broken the power of physical death and holds power over all of the physical brokenness that plagues our lives with fear.  He offers to heal us, and if we will live for him and like him, we will find the deep peace he gives. A peace which conquers sin and even death itself.  He is alive!