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James: Playing Favorites

James 2:1-13

We see distinctions in the world even without realizing it.  Tall people and short people, rich people and poor people, talented people and ordinary people.  But we also value some of these categories and the people in them while devaluing the people who are not those things.  This happened to the people James was writing to.  It’s important to realize how easy it is to play favorites and we need God’s spirit to help us see people the way He sees them and quit the favorite game.

James: Mature and Complete

James 1:2-8, 12-18

Trials are just a natural part of life.  They are inevitable, and they are rarely enjoyable!  But James opens his book with a stunning claim, “Consider it pure joy when you face trails of many kinds.”  What?!  As we look at James’ first verses of his book we begin to discover a God who is at work even in the deepest messiness of life. And if we will let him, he will do a work in our heart and life that not only helps us survive the tough times, but come to thrive in them.  He will give us joy that is bigger.  And that is good news!



James: A Life Transformed

James 1:18

The Christian life can sometimes feel like a confusing roller coaster.  We have moments of great emotion of faith and trust that we are loved by God and he will guide and take care of us.  We have moments of exciting discipline as we spend regular time in the word, serving others, and spiritual disciplines.  But faith sometimes is hollow and our actions don’t agree with who we say we are, and sometimes we feel like we’re doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons.  Our look at James over the next 12 weeks is the discovery of a man who was transformed both in his faith and in his actions.