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James: Plans

James 4:13-17

Plans. Our lives are filled with plans.  What we will do, where we will go, what we want, how we will accomplish it.  From jobs, to hobbies, to shopping, to family we make plans.  Nothing are wrong with plans, but James warns that we often leave God out of our plans. Only with God are our life’s plans good and right.

James: Two Ways to Live

James 4:1-12

In much of life there are two clear choices.  Eat vegetables or don’t.  Get up on time or don’t.  Choose to keep a bad attitude or choose to not.  Trust and obey God or don’t.  While the process of making this decision is never clear-cut much of the difficulty is that there is a part of us which wants to follow God but do our own things as well.  James teaches not only is this impossible, but when we do our own thing it always breaks things apart.  But with God there is forgiveness, grace, and a wide-open life!

James: Wisdom

James 1:5-7, 3:13-18

Have you ever seen a master at work?  Maybe it’s an olympic athlete, or a professional musician, expert businessperson, or gifted parent.  It’s amazing to watch.  They have knowledge and it is combined with great skill but there’s more than that, it’s an art, a finesse.  They are wise. They understand all the parts of their profession and bring out more than just results, but something beautiful and amazing to watch.  James reminds us that wisdom comes from God, the one who in his infinite wisdom put the world together.  And he is offering to give us his wisdom in the decisions we make, as we parent, or date, or work in our marriage, or develop in our career.  He gives us wisdom that goes beyond just living well, but inviting us, like Jesus, to live like the Master!

James: Money

James 1:9-11, 2:1-13, 5:1-6


Money. We all have it and no matter how much we have we never seem to have enough.  Money, and the things that it enables us to do can easily become the goal of our entire lives.  James saw these things happening and he warned against them.  Our problem, he says, is a heart problem of greed and desire which doesn’t reflect who God is.  The truth is that there are people God created and Jesus died for who don’t have enough, but will we let us help us see them the way he does?  Will we act?

James: Words

James 1:26-7, 3:1-12


We use and hear thousands of words every day.  Speaking and hearing is so common that we don’t even think about it.  But words have the ability to shape our reality.  The words people use about us and that we use about others can build them up or destroy them, can invite God into our lives or push him out.  James is right to say that our words, our mouths, reveal the deepest parts of our character.