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We Believe: Jesus’ Return and Eternity

Matthew 25:31-46, Revelation 22:17-21

So where does it all end, this story of planet earth and God’s interaction with it?  God makes the wrong things right, he takes his children home!  The frightening part is that we will be shown exactly for who we are, not just what we say.  But the great hope is that as we continue to repent, submit, and follow God we are a people of hope.  While the story ends, it actually only just begins!

We Believe: Church

We Believe: Entire Sanctification

John 16:5-16

When Jesus was with his disciples near the end he made very clear that his upcoming death and resurrection God was using to offer them a new kind-of life, a spirit-filled life, a life completely set apart, entire sanctified for God.  So often believers continue like the disciples before pentecost, loving Jesus but fighting a sinful nature. But something amazing happened as God stepped even closer, giving us his very spirit, to live within and transform us to be more and more like Jesus!

We Believe: Justification, Regeneration, Adoption

Luke 15:11-24

So what exactly happens when we get saved?  Is it just emotion and sparks?  The bible teaches some distinct but powerful parts of this experience.  We are justified, set right with God.  We are regenerated, given a new heart and nature.  And we are adopted, invited into God’s own family, the same relationship that the Father, Son, and Spirit have with one another! While these words may sound academic, they are as powerful as the story Jesus told of the Prodigal Son.

We Believe: Repentance

Luke 19:1-9

What does it mean to repent?  It’s one of those church words that we think we have to do.  But Zacchaeus’ story is so much more powerful than that.  In Jesus, Zacchaeus found the answer to his deepest questions, and while I’m sure there was fear in giving up what he had always known, he was sorry for the way his worthless way his life was lived, and he quite literally gave it away to come and follow Jesus.  God awakened, he responded, and that day salvation came.  What an amazing new life!