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Anticipate the Coming

Micah 2:2-5a

We have our ideas of how God could come into our lives.  Fix our finances, help us get the promotion, enable us to be great evangelists.  But the funny thing is apart from God, human thinking has a ‘bigger is better’ idea.  Micah prophecies that God’s salvation for the world will come in a small town of Bethlehem, come as a baby, come to be peace.

Anticipate the Prophecy

Zephaniah 3:16-20

In Zephaniah God not only speaks truth about Judah’s broken ways of living, but he erupts into a prophecy of his great, merciful, and joy-filled goal for his people if they will trust in him.  For us in the midst of wars, massacres, job and family stresses and frustrations, and our own sinfulness these words come as a call to listen, repent, and hope!

Anticipate the King

Malachi 3:1-3

It’s easy to anticipate Santa’s coming, unless he actually does give coal for being a bad boy or girl!  It’s easy to anticipate Jesus’ coming, unless he actually will judge the earth and our lives with justice!  This advent season Malachi reminds us that God’s amazing love happens as we let him continue to shine his light on us and transform us.  These changes to be like Jesus help prepare our eyes for the day when we will see him in his full brightness, the fulfillment of hope, joy, love, peace!  Let us prepare as we anticipate the King!

Anticipate the Promise

Revelation 21:1-5

What would be your idea of a perfect day?  The best things of our world come from the one who created us, for he is the giver and source of all good things.  Sin has twisted and broken even the best of things, but God has made a promise.  Jesus will come, he will return!  And in his kingdom the perfect day will be a normal day!