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Kingdom Sketches: Unstoppable

Matthew 13:31-33

We are impressed with big things; wealth, mass rallies, massive churches, large companies.  These have the sense of being unstoppable. This often leads us to live our lives for big things, even big religious things. But Jesus’ parable of the wheat and mustard seeds reveal that God’s kingdom looks different than what the world things is unstoppable.  It seems at first to be unexpectedly small. But it always grows, and it alone is truly unstoppable!

Kingdom Sketches: All God’s

Matthew 21:33-34, 25:14-30

The word ‘mine’ comes so naturally to people.  It’s one of the first words children learn to say!  The reality is, there are lots things that we don’t technically own, but take care of and are responsible for.  Jesus, in these Kingdom Sketches, challenges us to recognize that our very lives themselves are are gift.  In the end, it’s all God’s.

Kingdom Sketches: Lost and Found

Luke 15:1-32

Jesus was a genius story-teller.  And in the short stories, called Parables, he used something as basic as the things we lose, to illustrate the incredible heart of love God has for the lost.  Jesus paints a picture of a world where even and especially the least and worst are relentlessly pursued by the God of love.

Anticipate the King

Matthew 2:1-23

The beginning of the life of Jesus was anything but quiet.  He was hunted by a despotic king, surprised by wise men bearing valuable and prophetic gifts, and protected by the simple yet profound obedience of his father Joseph.  All three of these characters anticipated the King in a different way, and in them God shows us ourselves.