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Reflections – Being a Part

Malachi 3:8-10

We want our lives to be a part of something that lasts, something that matters.  The Bible teaches us that God wired us that way.  Ultimately it is God’s plan and his things that will last and matter far beyond our goals, our plans, our house, our job, and our finances. All this ‘stuff’ is ultimately God’s anyway!  The painful reality though it that we often think of it as ours.  God challenges us to put this before him, including our finances, and see how he will bless us.  And in a lifechanging way to use our giving back to him to make us a part of what he is doing!

Reflections – Sent

Matthew 4:16-20

What was it about Jesus that led Peter and Andrew that day to simply stop, and walk off their jobs to follow him?  This is Julie and my story of how God called us to Japan to be a part of what he is doing.  But the heart of God’s call is the same for you!

Reflections – Merrill has Left the Building

John 4:1-29

When we tie our life to Jesus we must follow him, because he was and is a man on the move.  He was about his father’s heartbeat of seeking redemption for lost and hurting people.  Far from making him unapproachably busy, he was always ready for his father to interrupt him with a person in his path.

Reflection 2


A Birthday Party for a Prostitute

Luke 9:1-9

Everyone hated Zacchaeus.  He was a cheat and a traitor.  Yet Jesus saw him with different eyes.  Pastor David Graves speaks to the world-wide delegates of the Nazarene Church General Assembly about God’s eyes that would see Zacchaeus differently, and ones that would throw a birthday party for a prostitute.