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Letting Go of Worry

Matthew 6:25-34

Living for an Audience of One, Pt 2

Matthew 6:19-24

Jesus warns of two things that will distract and keep us from living a kingdom life; seeking other’s approval and trying to secure our lives by material things.  Jesus begins to explain human nature and the things we treasure.  Most of these physical treasures (money, relationships, food, etc) were created by God, but only as we learn to be treasured by God and treasure him first, will these things be life-giving and not life-taking.

Living for an Audience of One

Matthew 6:1-18

Nobody likes a hypocrite, a person who says one thing but does another.  But Jesus reveals how easily it is to let our growth in his kingdom become about what other people think, as opposed to learning to walk with Jesus.  Here Jesus gives three illustrations of the kingdom life as we live for an audience of One.

Letting go of Enemies

Matthew 5:38-48

Some of the hardest parts of life are the conflicts we deal with and the enemies we make.  Here too, Jesus explains how a person with a kingdom-heart deals with these volatile situations.

The Rightness of the Kingdom Heart

Matthew 5:13-20

The good news of Jesus is that he knows what you are going through, he has perfect wisdom and perspective to guide you, and he has power to help you.  Anyone, as they put their trust in him and his Father’s way of life will find peace, hope… life!  It is these people who Jesus says give flavor and light to the people they are around.  From hopeless to positively influential, what a change!  This goes beyond religion legalism to the heart change that the God’s who desire shared throughout the Bible.