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Can’t fake it, Just do it!

Matthew 7:13-27

Jesus ends his disciple training program, the sermon on the mount with a critical reminder.  It’s more than just ‘hearing’ and ‘knowing’!  It is about ‘doing’ and ‘being’!   Let’s put into practice what Jesus has been saying, so that we can become the kind-of people that he himself was!

A Life of Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13

Learning to simply ask of God leads us into a life of prayer.  The relationship of Jesus the Son and his Father, seen through the Lord’s prayer helps us to learn and practice how to have a conversational relationship with God!

Learning to Ask

Matthew 7:7-12

As we learn to trust in God’s immediate kingdom presence and power in our moment-by-moment lives, then we can begin to let him help us release the manipulative and forceful ways that we interact with others.  He teaches us his kingdom way of influencing others for good, the simple request.  Ask.

Living with Condemnation

Matthew 7:1-6

It’s amazing how easy it is to become critical or judgmental.  Even and especially for Christians we can fall into wanting good things for people only to be frustrated and jaded by their lack of response.  Jesus talks about this issue as we continue learning what it means to live in God’s powerful and present kingdom here and now!