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The Invitation

Matthew 2:1-12

We are wired to want great things, significant things, lasting things.  Human history is filled with explorers, leaders, and normal people who look for something transcendent, something beyond.  It was to similar star-gazers long ago that God made a special invitation through one star, to the birth of the savior of the world.

Be Amazed

Matthew 1:18-25

God does amazing things around us all the time.  The most amazing thing is that he invites us to be a part of it.  Joseph’s less-than comfortable invitation took him to the end of himself, but also made him a central part of God’s redemption of the entire human race!

Be Fruitful

Matthew 3:1-12

As we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth it can be easy to forget that is it Jesus preparing us for his return, not us preparing to welcome him!  This week, through John the Baptist, we are reminded it is not simply the titles we wear (‘Christian’, ‘Jew’, ‘Sunday School Teacher’, or ‘Pharisee’) that God is pleased with, but a life that bears fruit; fruit that reflects the character of Jesus, fruit of the spirit.

Be Ready

Matthew 24:36-44

How do we celebrate this advent season?  We can celebrate because God is with us now.  We can celebrate because he can and does help us with teh practical questions, hurts, and pains as well as shares in our joys and excitements as we follow him in the world.  We prepare for Jesus’ return by living and following him every day.  This is how we will be ready!