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Psalm 69

There always are and will always be circumstances in life that make us feel desperate.  These reveal in our actions and emotions who we are, as humbling as it is.  But in this conversation of David God meets him in desperation, and provides joy!


Psalm 23

Life is full of needs (and wants!).  David talks about walking the road of needs, and of pain and the God who provides all the needs, and never leaves us, even though the darkest valley.


Psalm 55

One of the hardest conversations to have is when we’ve been betrayed.  Anger almost keeps blinding us to even talking to God.  We journey with the writer of Psalm 55 through the conversation with God when we are betrayed.


Psalm 66

God is always at work around us.  Often we forget that. But as the Psalms remind us, and we see God’s grace and presence we begin to find hope, peace, joy and a desire to share it!  We are not alone!