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A2F: With Jesus at a Well

John 4:4-30

We can be thirsty for so many things.  Physical thirst is a great metaphor for much of our lives.  But we thirst most of all for the ability to be honest, especially about our failures.  Jesus meets a woman who was thirsty, but for water only he could give.  She found it as she discovered that God knew everything about her and still loved her!

A2F: New Life

John 3:1-17

New life, new birth.  We look forward to it for babies, we look forward to it in a new school-year, new job, or new home.  But more than anything we were created for a new life with Jesus.  He helps us see the real world around us.  This is what we were born for!  This is our destiny!

A2F: No Shortcuts

Ashes to Fire
Matthew 4:1-11

We begin this season of lent, 40 days of preparation remembering another 40 days of preparation from scripture, the temptation of Jesus.  In it we find the same temptations that are common to us, and how Jesus trusted his father to face temptation without sin.



Psalm 103

God is good!  He can be praised!  Why?  Because of all he has done, in the lives of people throughout scripture, in the lives of people throughout history, and in our lives, as we have begun a conversation with him through Jesus.