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A2F: With Jesus Behind Locked Doors

John 20:19-31

There is much to fear in the world we live in.  It was this same fear that drove the disciples behind locked doors, even after the women told them Jesus was alive.  Then Jesus came, and with him came peace… joy!  He invited them to leave fear and doubt and invited them to a life transformed!

A2F: With Jesus at the Empty Tomb

Matthew 28:1-10

Night and Day.  It’s amazing how much of a difference could happen between Saturday night, and Easter Sunday morning.  The dark of hopes shattered, evil victorious overcome and conquered by the light of that morning, of Jesus’ resurrection.  He is the light of the world and darkness could not overcome him!  He is risen!

A2F: With Jesus to the Cross

Matthew 21:1-11

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.  We hear them all the time.  Perhaps we identify with ones who praise Jesus, but do we understand the reality that we have been and are the ones who also shout ‘Crucify him’?  We look today at this critical understanding of why Jesus died and our part in it.

A2F: With Jesus At a Grave

John 11:1-45

Jesus’ timing could not have been worse.  Lazarus had already died.  Did he know? Did he care?  But as everyone found out, God’s timing was perfect and his answer to prayer was more than they could have imagined!

A2F: With Jesus Along the Road

John 9:1-41

Seeing and blind.  It seems so cut and dried.  Either you can see or you can’t. And you certainly know if you can or can not see.  But in this story Jesus shows not only his power to make a blind man see, but also shows the truth that many people with eyesight live blind.