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Illuminate: Hope

Mark 13:24-37

December can be such a paradox.  With so much ‘holiday cheer’ people can so often be exhausted, depressed, and hurting.  In our scripture today Jesus tells the truth about the problems of the world (which begin in our own hearts and characters), but he also gives the good news!  He is coming, he has come, and he’s coming again!  We can have hope because Jesus can come in our current lives and transform us if we will let him.  And he will come again to destroy all that is evil, and lead us into a forever-life of all things good!  Be of good cheer!  Have hope!

Story of God: Part 3

New Testament

Jesus, God with us, bursts in the most unexpected way as God’s solution to the human heart-problem of sin.  His life, his death, and his resurrection not only give an example but break the power of sin.  He returned to heaven to send the Holy Spirit, God in us, to live and dwell in his follower’s hearts in teh book of Acts.  The rest of the New Testament is the story of this great message, and the life change that comes with it as we learn to live with God through Jesus!

This is the greatest story, the story of God, the story of the Bible. It is the story of our lives. It answers the deepest questions of the human heart. It is an invitation for a life we can not imagine. It means admitting the honest truth of our own sin, but finding the forgiveness of Jesus from the cross, and the invitation to be part of what God is doing having God himself, the Holy Spirit, living in us and guiding us, as we let him moment by moment, day by day!

The Story of God: Part 2

Solomon – end of Old Testament

We continue the story through the very stormy years of Israel’s split, bad kings, destruction and exile, and God’s bringing them back from exile.

What’s it about? God created us for a relationship with him, with one another, and to work in his world. We have chosen to reject God and life and choose to ignore or fight against him. This is called sin, and it comes with a high price for ourselves and others. God is calling us back to a relationship with him, like a loving parent he is not afraid to punish, but he will not give up on us.

The Story of God: Part 1

Genesis through Solomon

If you had to tell the whole story of the Bible in three weeks, what would it be about? How would all the different stories tie together to one big story?  We begin this week to look at the Story of God throughout the Bible that explains who God is, who we are, and what life is all about!

Experiencing God: Testimonies

Psalm 78:1-8

Today we hear personal stories of how God is active, inviting, and working in and through people.