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A2F: Remember Who You Are

Ashes to Fire: Mark 1:1, 9-15

Life can be filled with the pressure and stress of trying to manage our commitments, allegiances, and purpose.  But Jesus lived a different, and opposite way.  He submitted to his Father in baptism, he trusted his Father’s wisdom, power, and resources in his time of temptation, and he lived for the life-giving purpose of sharing the good news of his Father’s presence and availability to care for every part of life!  So have you accepted this?  Are you living submitted, dependent, and active?!

Choose Life: Daniel

The characters are set, the curtain goes up.  What will they do?  What choices will they make?  Who will save them?  The message of Daniel is God’s invitation, and warning to make good choices.

Choose Life: Ezekiel

The book of Ezekiel is extremely dramatic.  God’s punishment is coming but instead of being willing to accept it, Judah fights against it and causes even deeper hurt and pain for themselves.  Yet God is not disciplining them and letting them face the consequences of their actions just to get even.  No, like a loving parent, or a good coach he is wanting to get to the source of their living, and change their hearts.  But God won’t force that.  They, and we, must choose if we will let him.

Choose Life: Jeremiah

The book of Jeremiah paints a passionate picture between a God who is trying to get his people to trust him and the cost to his servant Jeremiah to be part of God’s message to ultimately save Judah’s life. Sometimes obeying God results in difficulty and pain.  There again we must trust him to choose life, that we may live!