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A2F: Two Pairs of Glasses

Mark 11:1-11

It’s funny how convinced we are that we are right about things, until we realize we’re wrong.  It’s like wearing the wrong pair of glasses and wondering why we bump into things.  In his entry into Jerusalem the people see one thing, a conquering king, but Jesus sees another, victory through death.  That raises the question.  Are we living by what we see, or by asking Jesus what He sees?

A2F: Die to Live

John 12:20-33

Here’s the funny thing about life, it was made to be lived, but the more you try to hold onto it the more it slips through your fingers.  There’s a break in the human heart that tries to create life, to keep life by ourselves but Jesus teaches as we are willing, like He did, to give up his life to God’s plans and ways, we will discover what real living is all about!

A2F: Snake on a Pole

John 3:14-21

How far would you love go for someone?  Until they broke your trust? Spoke badly of you? Tried to ruin you?  Was physically violent towards you?  The God who created us showed his great love by the Father letting his son go and the Son choosing to go to certain death to offer us forgiveness and a real life.

A2F: Cleansing the Temple

Ashes to Fire:  John 2:13-22

Life can sometimes start running us.  Routines, schedules, making a living.  God created all this to be lived in his order, but as we will see in our scripture, people began to use the very things God created to try to control and replace him.  Whenever this happens we are headed for a crash.  So Jesus, in love, steps in to upset things and cleanse the (our) temple.

A2F: Losing your Life to Find It

Ashes to Fire: Mark 8:31-38

There’s great irony that we avoid suffering at most any cost.  Yet Jesus says this is precisely the road he will take.  Ironically while Jesus had a deep quality of life and resurrection, most of our attempts to gain life without Jesus’ way of love-led suffering fractures, does not last, and can not satisfy.