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A2F: Jesus the Good Shepherd

John 10:11-18

People are looking for something they can count on, someone they can count on, something real.  From the stock market, to buying stuff, to a cycle of relationships there is still a deep thirst.  Jesus teaches that he is the good shepherd, the one who is real, and who can and wants to guide us, take care of us, so that we may experience real life.  He’s what we’ve been looking for all along.

A2F: Believe Then See!

Luke 24:36-48

Thomas wouldn’t believe until Jesus stood in front of him.  But Jesus did stand right in front of his disciples and they didn’t believe, they thought he was a ghost. It simply couldn’t be true!  Oftentimes we do the same. God is present, powerful, available and we think we are still on our own.  Believe, and you’ll be amazed what God begins to help you see!

A2F: Seeing is Believing

John 20:19-31

It’s easy to think we know what is real, only to find out that we were wrong.  Despite the good news of Jesus’ resurrection his disciples and Thomas lived in the lie and pain of denial that Jesus couldn’t be alive. But he was and he is!

A2F: Alive!

John 20:1-18

Jesus rose from the dead, conquering all evil, sin, and death.  He is alive.  Yet for even his own followers that morning they struggled to believe it and so remained in sorrow, despair, grief, and death.  Today is is alive and present.  But will we believe? Will we receive the life and hope he gives?  He is alive?  Will you believe?