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Set Apart: Created for Love

Genesis 1-3

God is calling you into a life-long adventure of following him, growing to be like Jesus.  Every relationship, every hope of people are reminders we were created by God and for God.  We look at what we were created for, and what went wrong.

A2F: The God Who is Near

Pentecost Sunday
John 15:26-27, 16:5-15

Who wouldn’t like to spend a day walking with Jesus, in the flesh?!  But when Jesus went to heaven his disciples became anxious.  The fact that we can’t always see or perceive Jesus also can make us anxious in certain situations of life.  Yet Jesus gives hope.  He is not leaving, but is sending his Spirit not just to walk with us, but to live in us!  We can have hope and joy in all situations knowing that, no matter the outcome, God is near, God will help us, and God will take care of us.

A2F: The Great Invitation

John 17:6-19

We long for someone who will love us, be proud of us, want to include us.  In his prayer in John 17, Jesus prays to his Father for us, in these very same ways!

A2F: Jesus Calls Us Friend

John 15:9-17

On this Mother’s Day we remember that Jesus invited us, male and female, to be his friend, to be changed by him to bless others, and to join him in His work in the world.  Thank you to the women who have let your lives be used to impact us!

A2F: Jesus the Vine

John 15:1-11

Every day the decisions we make are based on this question: Where does a good life come from?  Jesus says that like a vine is the only way that a branch can stay alive and also to thrive and bear fruit, He is the only true source of a good life for us and the way that we find the fruit of a really, good life!