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2015 Vacation Bible School


Kids entering Kindergarden – 6th grade, join us August 10-14 from 9am-Noon for an awesome VBS!  God of the Underdogs is a fun journey of how God uses small people for his BIG plans!  There will be fun Bible lessons, rocking songs, hilarious games, delicious snacks, and more!

Parents: click here to register your child for VBS!

If you have questions please look below to contact us.

Set Apart: Empowered to Love

Acts 1:3-8, 2:1-4

Jesus’ disciples walked with him for 3 years, but that wasn’t enough.  Jesus didn’t want to leave them alone, but to be with them at all times! So he sent the Holy Spirit to give them God’s power, God’s way of seeing things, God’s heart to reshape and remake their own.  But they had to be completely willing. God doesn’t force his way into our hearts.  The question is, will we be totally surrendered as well?

Set Apart: The Savior

Philippians 2:1-11

So much of life is spend trying to do, to get, to make.  But much of our effort leaves us tired, empty, and broken.  Jesus came and showed that the life surrendered to God finds a power, direction, and purpose that is what we have been looking for.  It is what we were made for!

Set Apart: Love Broken

God created us fro a relationship with him.  That’s why we were created!  But love and relationship require a choice, and Adam and Eve chose to try life without God.  Choices have serious consequences and throughout the Old Testament we see God still loving and working, yet people’s struggle with the same life-taking self-centered love.  They need a savior, they need a new heart.