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Got Questions: What about parenting and discipline?

What does the Bible say about parenting a discipline?  Today we look at the awesome responsibility of parents and anyone to love and invest in the children God has put around them, beyond just getting them to act-right, but to help shape their hearts to love God and love others.

Got Questions: What about suffering?

How does a Christian explain the suffering in the world?  Where is God in the midst of illness, evil, and wrong?  Today we will look to God and his word to answer these questions and look for His truth and promises in the midst of suffering!

Got Questions: What about homosexuality?

Today we look at God’s gift of sex and human sexuality, in light of the reality of homosexual actions and orientation in the lives of many people.

Got Questions: What about science?

Today we explore science, evolution, and how God created the heavens and the earth.

Got Questions: Can I really trust God?

This is a huge question.  Trust can not be forced and sometimes our understanding of God keeps us from trusting him.  Can we trust God when he seems to give desires that will never be fulfilled?  Can I trust a God that says to also fear him?  What if I didn’t grow up in religion and struggle with what it means to trust God? Today we’ll look to the Bible for answers!