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In His Steps: The Dance, the Battle

Mark 1:1-13

God created life to be a loving and joyful relationship with him, like a dance.  But life is often a battle, with temptation and the fall-out of leaving the dance with God.  Jesus, the King, came to show us the steps back into to the dance!

Mission: In Okinawa

Matthew 28:19-20

Today we are looking at what it means to be a part of God’s mission to the Japanese and Okinawans that we live around.

Mission: Making Disciples

What does it look like to make disciples like Jesus says?

Mission: Being a Disciple

Matthew 3:13-4:22

Jesus came not to invite people to a religion, but a relationship.  He invited people to become his disciples, and told his followers to make disciples. What does it look like to be a disciple? A disciple is someone who learns from Jesus how to live their life like Jesus would.

Characters of Christmas: Angels

Luke 1:5-38, Matthew 1:20-25

We are so familiar with the characters in the Christmas story.  The Angels were simply messengers inviting Zechariah, Joseph, Mary, and the Shepherds to Jesus.  But God used the messenger to play an important part.  He asks you today, ‘Will you be my messenger?’