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In His Steps: The Turn

Mark 8:27-9:29

Jesus is the King, but he begins to describe that he is a king going to die on a cross. And what’s more he says to follow him, to be his disciple, we must die too. That’s the shock, but also the good news in order to find real life.


In His Steps: The Stain

Mark 7:1-34, 8:27-30

Everyone carries a stain.  The way we dress, what we try to achieve, even religious activities all try to deal with or cover that stain.  Jesus came to bring news that He is one who meets the need, who can clean the stain.

In His Steps: Invitation and Response

Mark 4:1-34

Jesus told stories about God’s kingdom, what He is able to do in our lives if we let him.  Today we’ll look at those stories.

In His Steps: Power, Authority, & Rest

Mark 1-2

The stories of Jesus’ teaching and healing showed that he had authority and power. He is the rest that we are looking for in life, inviting us back into a relationship, the dance, with God.