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Mission: Making Christlike Disciples


In His Steps: The Beginning

Mark 15:33-16:20

Jesus died, taking on the worse of our attitudes, our actions, our stain.  But when he rose from the grave he has defeated our sin, he offers us forgiveness, and invites us back into a relationship with God, back into the dance.  He loves you, He forgives you, He is life, and invites you to follow him, in his steps.

In His Steps: The Cup

Mark 14:32-15:37

Why the cross?  It was the inevitable result of man’s clash with God. On the cross, Jesus took the cup of God’s justice and our rejection. He did this in order to forgive and heal us from constantly trying to run away from God.

In His Steps: The Feast

Mark 14

The Passover feast was a reminder of how God saved Israel from Egypt. At the last supper with his disciples Jesus made this meal into communion, a reminder that God’s ultimate salvation was made possible through Jesus death for us.

In His Steps: He Wants, We Want

Mark 9-13

As Jesus begins his movement towards Jerusalem and the cross it becomes more and more evident that people have only two choices, to continue to live for what they want, or to trust him for what He wants.  What do you choose?