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The Life God Gives: Honor Integrity

Honor Wealth

Exodus 20:15

God promises to care for his creatures. He made them physical beings and in the midst of their work promises to provide what they need. Stealing shows a lack of trust in God, and keeps people from trusting and being able to have trusting, healthy relationships  with others.

The Life God Gives: Spouse Only

Exodus 20:14

Physical sexual intimacy between a husband and wife is a sacred gift that bonds two people together as one and

that opens the opportunity for new life. Sex and sexuality finds its purpose and goodness in a life-long relationship, unpolluted by our warped cultural values.

The Life God Gives: Honor Life

Exodus 20 :13

We honor life by seeing and treating people as God does. This means not murdering, but deeply letting God help us put away anger and contempt.

On Mother’s Day, this is the best way of being a mother and honoring our Mother!


Mutsuki Testimony

Mutsuki’s testimony

The Life God Gives: Honor Family

“And God spoke all these words:…Honor your father and mother.” We obey and honor God as we honor the parents God gave to us. Through relationships within our family, we learn how to live together. Strong families who serve God, contribute to and create strong societies.