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The Thread: Jacob

Genesis 27:1-35:29

Everyone of us come from a family that has brokenness. When the LORD asks us to follow Him the journey often starts with very small steps of faith. He calls us to move in order get us unstuck from our comfortable lives into His greater future. And along the way we often end up more broken, more in need of His grace than ever before.

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The Thread: Abraham

Genesis 11:27-23:20

God keeps His promises. He has communicated to people down through history. Some have had a special place in His plan. He made promises to them and He kept them, even when the people failed in trusting Him. Abraham is just such a person.

The Thread: Stories of Our Faith

Hebrews 1:1-2:4

Despite human sinfulness, people have trusted the LORD down through history. We place our faith in Him rather than other places. Jesus is the only worthy object of our faith.

All others fall short in bringing safety and satisfaction to our lives.

The Life God Gives: Honor Contentment

Exodus 20:17

Often life is ruled by desires of what we think we want or should have but do not or can not have. Wrong desires accepted lead to life-taking attitudes and actions.