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Set Apart: Perfect Love

Matthew 5:48

Main idea: Jesus tells us to be perfect like God is. We are perfect to God when we totally trust and obey the Holy Spirit. When we do this, God changes our character to be like Jesus!

Set Apart: Sent

John 17:6-20

Main idea: Jesus prays that God will unite his followers in love, and that they share God’s love for the world. God does this when we let His Holy Spirit have complete control of our life.

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Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate God’s gift of mothers and of women.  God has created women for a special and irreplaceable role in His world!

Set Apart: The Savior

Philippians 2:5-11

Unlike Israel, Jesus (God the son) lived his life surrendered to God. His life seemed to end in death and defeat, but God raised him from the dead. This shows God’s power is greater than any wrong or evil in us and around us. Jesus invites us to live our lives surrendered to God also.

Set Apart: Love Broken

God set Israel apart to love him and to help others love him. However, throughout the Old Testament, Israel showed a deep heart problem, failing to love God, pushing God out, serving other gods, and trying to be like other people. But God never gave up on his people he loved.