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Got Questions: How do I hear and trust God?

Main Point: My Heavenly Father loves me, guides me, and is bigger than anything I will face in life.

Got Questions: What is self-centered and radical Christianity?

Main Point: We were created to love God wholeheartedly. Being self-centered, or indifferent (lukewarm) leads us away from Him and life.

Got Questions: What entertainment is wrong?

Main Point: We reflect God and reject sin (in entertainment and other choices) by seeking to love God, share his perspective, and act according to his commands and his character.

5 Love Languages


Got Questions: What about marriage and divorce?

Why did God create marriage? What is marriage supposed to look like? How do I think about this if I’m single? What does God think about divorce and remarriage?

Easter: Alive!

John 20:1-20

Main Idea: Jesus’ resurrection confronts and defeats our deepest fears.