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Thrill of Hope

Luke 2:41-52

Main Point: Jesus is one we can put our hope in.

Finance Class

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This Financial Stewardship class will give you information to plan, save, invest, and give wisely. The class is taught by David Kupiec, financial planner and economics professor.

Class goal:  To decipher financial language, reduce risk, and increase financial returns.

Class topics:

  • How to make wise financial choices
  • Financial security for family: wills, probate, life insurance
  • Understanding and using credit reports
  • Setting up online investment accounts
  • Understanding stocks and mutual funds
  • Understanding retirement accounts
  • How to be a good steward of God’s money

Thrill of Hope: Promise

Luke 1:39-55

Mary believed God’s promise of hope, even though it came with great risk, and found it was worth it.

Thrill of Hope: Generosity

Luke 3:7-18

As we put our hope in Jesus, we are freed to be generous instead of hoarding and securing.

Thrill of Hope: Way of Hope

John 3:1-6

Jesus is the way of hope, we prepare for his coming by repenting and being ready to follow him.

Thrill of Hope: Anticipate

Luke 21:25-36

Main Idea: Don’t put your trust in things or people who will change, break, or die.  Put your trust in Jesus who is unshakable and will come to save us.