How to Calm Down Your Mind Admidst Chaos

Decluttering of mind is critical to lead an optimal quality of life. No amount of decluttering of our desks or ‘Marie Kondo’ing our homes would fill the bill if it is the mind where the commotion is. Little things can soothe our minds. A clear mind connects us to the moment we are in.

Do you want to reach your full potential? Do you want the driver’s seat of your brain? Is the ongoing pandemic jolting you from within beyond recall?

Here are some ways to declutter your mind and peel off unhealthy thinking patterns that keep your mind cluttered.

Walk out of pity parties

Feeling dejected or low is an acceptable human emotion. But self-pity is magnifying your misfortunes and believing that you have it worse. It is not worth indulging oneself into. It stunts your emotional growth. Consider dropping the “woe is me” outlook on life.

Instead, escape a toxic thinking pattern by taking a deep breath and focus on the steps to overcome the setback.

Read a good book

The habit of reading can help silence out the chitter-chatter in the brain. If your current situation is overwhelming you, and you feel the need to step aside for a bit, do not underestimate a good book.


A good book teleports your mind. It only calms your nerves but also improves your personality. Better vocabulary and conversational language are a side-effect of reading regularly.

Meditate to toss the mental scrap

We need to broaden our understanding of what ‘meditation’ entails. It is not sitting in a lotus position or attending an overpriced yoga retreat.


Meditating is simply cutting the cord between you and your surroundings and reconnecting with your inner-being.

Your kind of meditation could be being still and focusing on your slowing down your breath to reset your nervous system. If you plan on taking it a notch up, give the free guided meditation courses available online a try to rinse your mind.

Get moving

Exercise is great for your overall being. Regular exercise keeps you mentally sharp to slay the task at hand. Exercise is proven to boost the happy chemicals in your brain. It causes the body to produce endorphins that are responsible for making you happy.


Physical fitness builds self-confidence too. Whatever the level of physical fitness you are at, do not fret. Just a brisk walk would suffice to evaporate those negative thoughts and alleviate anxiety.

Journals are not only for teenagers

Most of us had a journal growing up into which we could expel our secrets or vent. Writing thoughts on a paper helps you let go of toxicity in your mind and understand your thinking pattern. Your journal would act as a reminder that you must declutter your mind.

Maybe you are highly creative and are not aware. Writing your thoughts and your ideas would serve as an outlet for everything that is grilling your brain. Just grab a book and start scribbling. The next million-dollar idea might be waiting to spring up in your journal! Try this therapeutic writing once to dump the brain clutter.