2 Chronicles 7:11-14

Challenges and difficulties are a natural part of life.  A difficult boss, a poor choice, stress in marriage, or the death of a loved one can make the typically calm waters of our lives into a turbulent storm.  It is in these times that our live in Christ is tested and it is easy to grow hopeless.  Yet God has made promises to us which serve as light.  Sometimes the storms can seem so big that the promises seem small or insignificant, but it it as we cling to God’s promises in the midst of the storm, we find that his power is greater than even that of the pounding waves.

Last week we spoke of the affirmation that we are priceless in God’s eyes no matter what we have done or not, so we can live life in response to the assurance that we are valuable.  This week we listen to the promise of God’s forgiveness which frees us from the paralyzing past to begin to live again and to live for God!

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