The Story of God: Warnings, Part 2

2 Kings 17-25, 2 Chronicles 28-36, Ezekiel


After Israel’s disobedience and final defeat by Assyria and exile, the nation of Judah continues to live their own way.  Like a stubborn kid who will not obey or respond to a parent who loves them, God let’s Judah live their way and they are defeated by Babylon and also taken from their land and sent to Babylon.  We read in Ezekiel 10 that God’s spirit leaves the temple in Jerusalem. It would seem that God has finally given up on his people who have for centuries been unfaithful to him.  But then it goes east, towards Babylon, towards his people!  The love of God never gives up.  It is a love that will forgive our past, our failures, a love we can give our entire lives to, a love that can transform us, and a love which can give us a new heart!

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