Ashes to Fire: Touch Me and See!

Luke 24:36-48

It’s easy when the brokenness of our world keeps battering our lives, like the never-ending waves on the ocean, to come to expect that this is just how life is and will be.  This is how the disciples felt until members of their group began to exclaim that Jesus has appeared to them.  It was good news, but… could it really be true?  Maybe it was just wishful thinking.  We’d love if broken things could be healed, but it’s just not possible.  But then Jesus comes to them and says, “Touch me and See!”  He is alive!  He has broken the power of physical death and holds power over all of the physical brokenness that plagues our lives with fear.  He offers to heal us, and if we will live for him and like him, we will find the deep peace he gives. A peace which conquers sin and even death itself.  He is alive!

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