Ashes to Fire: You are My Friends

John 15:9-17

Built into the DNA of human personalities and the human spirit is a desire for love, for joy, for true friendship, for purpose, to be chosen, and to love one another.  This is why people wear the clothes they do, or spend their money the way they do.  This guides what jobs people seek.  In short, it is the center of much of our lives. But these things are seem to come and go in life, elusive and difficult to maintain. Today we read the good news of Jesus for us.  Jesus loves us, and offers the infinite joy of God to us!  As we join him on his mission to love others, to overcome evil with good we find not only did he first find and choose us to join him, but he calls us his friend.  In Jesus the deepest of human needs are met, because he was the one who created us.  What incredible good news!

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