Story of God: Part 3

New Testament

Jesus, God with us, bursts in the most unexpected way as God’s solution to the human heart-problem of sin.  His life, his death, and his resurrection not only give an example but break the power of sin.  He returned to heaven to send the Holy Spirit, God in us, to live and dwell in his follower’s hearts in teh book of Acts.  The rest of the New Testament is the story of this great message, and the life change that comes with it as we learn to live with God through Jesus!

This is the greatest story, the story of God, the story of the Bible. It is the story of our lives. It answers the deepest questions of the human heart. It is an invitation for a life we can not imagine. It means admitting the honest truth of our own sin, but finding the forgiveness of Jesus from the cross, and the invitation to be part of what God is doing having God himself, the Holy Spirit, living in us and guiding us, as we let him moment by moment, day by day!

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